Solutions for freelancers/contractors

What we do

Whether you are a freelancer/contractor or an employee, TaxPay will provide you with a simple solution.

If you don't want to face the stress and hassle that comes when dealing with tax issues, administration, and the responsibility of operating your own tax file at the tax authorities, TaxPay's umbrella services are there for you.

In simple terms, TaxPay acts as an employer for independent freelancers who seek to work under temporary or permanent contracts, often through employers, or directly with end clients.

As a TaxPay employee, you are looked after. We take care of all the things that you don't want to do: invoicing, calculating your taxes and your business expenses against your taxable income. This enables you to concentrate on your work and to be certain that the pay you take home is calculated correctly.

TaxPay offers their freelancers/contractors the right balance of work environment; as they take away the time consuming and stressful administration, paperwork, tax reports and hassle that's often associated with operating your own tax file, without losing any of the financial benefit this type of work provides.

TaxPay's method is most reliable, safe and efficient for the freelancers/contractors and employers alike.

Why work with us?

Self-employed – tax legislation are irrelevant to our freelancers as all income they receive, is processed and paid through a pay slip as an employee.

We advise you on what business expenses you can claim legitimately. This means that you will take home a higher percentage of what you earn compared to being self employed or by being paid by an employment agency.

You can be certain that all of your legal, contractual and tax obligations are being taken care of by us.

You will spend far less time and effort on administration compared to operating your own tax file, through the use of TaxPay personal manager, who is there to assist you every step of the way.

You will have full employment status and a legitimate contract of employment.

How does TaxPay method works?

We have simplified the process – you can register, via mail or fax, with us, (there is no joining fee).

You'll receive our employment contract and an employee card (101 form) which you'll need to sign and return with a copy of I.D card.

You will then become an employee of  TaxPay – Umbrella services whilst still enjoying all the benefits of being a contractor.

What do you need to do after joining us? – The only thing you do is to start working with your clients

We will do the rest: you (as the freelancer/ contractor) render services to your client, while receiving from us a regular salary, just like any employee. You will not have to deal in any way with Income Tax, VAT, National Security or any other tax institution.

Your client receives services from you, and a legit tax invoice from us. We will be registered as the receiver of the payment, which will be transferred to us and we'll transfer the payment, received, to you (after our commission (up to 5% off the invoice) and V.A.T. deducted.

This sum (after the abovementioned deduction) will constitute your gross income and will be written in the pay slip issued to you.

Note that out of the gross pay-slip there are mandatory taxes to pay (health tax, National security tax, income tax and pension fund).

You can choose to receive, your net payment, either by check or by a money transfer directly to your bank account.

In addition, your official pay-slip and detailed calculation explanation file will be send to you via email or by regular mail.

Note: our commission is based upon work rendered. (If you don't perform any work, you don't pay us anything)

There is no time limit obligation – the contractor can terminate the relationship at any given time.

All our invoices are signed digitaly and are considered as original even if send by mail.

We allow our freelancers to charge their clients, through Paypal or credit-cards.

We guarantee total transparency and full explanation of all the income-expenditure calculations.

Who should use our services?

Contractors, freelancers or temporary workers:

    1. Who don't want to set up a sole tax file.
    1. Employers who don't want to employ workers, who don't have their own limited company.